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8 apps to ease your travels in Spain!

Tiny Adventures in Spain:  Today's tiny adventure would be my first road trip to Xeraco.  I'll share 8 apps to ease your travels in Spain!

And, so the time had come for me to head out on my first road trip to Xeraco to meet my soon to be greatest American buds here in Spain!  Hooray!  It was my first time taking the train system in Spain this distance by myself.  Oh, boy!  Being in a foreign country with a time constraint to catch multiple trains felt a bit daunting its first go-round, but by using a few handy dandy apps, I made it without a snafu just fine!  I began the journey coordinating the train out my tiny wine village into the beautiful city of Barcelona (approx. 45 minutes).  From there I would take the long distance train (approx. 5 hours) straight into Valencia, followed by a third train that would get me into the small Mediterranean beach town of Xeraco (approx. 1 hour).  At the last leg of the journey, I took a taxi service (15 minutes) from the original part of the pueblo in Xeraco to the beach resort area without speaking a lick of Spanish the entire way!  Here's how I did it:

Luckily, I had some handy dandy apps to get the job done!  I was also very thankful that my new American friends took the one taxi service from their beach house to meet me at my final destination (using the only off-season taxi driver in Xeraco who was on their speed dial).  The handy apps that made this journey and many others possible without going into extreme panic include:

  • WhatsApp:  What is it?  It's an app for calling and texting.  You'd be hard pressed to find a Spaniard that didn't use this app to communicate using calls or texts.  Not having this app to coordinate with any local peeps here in Spain is nearly impossible.  Make this a download must if you are spending any length of time in Spain.
  • Rome2Rio:  What is it?  It's a long distance trip planning app that will save your butt going anywhere from Rome to Rio.  You name the place; this app will get you there.  It is unbelievably useful and came highly recommended to me by my travel blogging friends at Move To Traveling located here in Denia, Spain.  
  • Speak & Translate:  What is it?  It's a speaking translator app that will help you communicate with locals in the train or bus stations to make sure you are heading in the right direction or with your taxi driver to get you to your final destination safe and sound.
  • Google Translate:  What is it?  It's a writing translator app.  Use it to translate signs along the way or to help you send What's App messages back and forth to Spanish locals.  Copy and pasting will be a godsend when you need to get a message across!  
  • Google Maps:  What is it?  It's a mapping app.  Use it to pin (save) train station locations when you do a little exploring from the train or bus you just got off.  Use it to get from one station to the next above ground or use it to find that restaurant, hotel or destination that you are heading to by foot, bike, car or train.  
  • Renfe:  What is it?  It's the app for the train line here in Spain.  Use this to find out when your next train is coming or going.
  • Alsa:  What is it?  It's the app for the bus line here in Spain.  Use this to find out when your next bus is coming or going.
  • BlaBlaCar:  What is it?  It's a car share app used all over Europe.  It's not a taxi; It's not Uber or Lyft where everyday peeps become a taxi service (on call).  It is, however, an app for everyday peeps that are already taking a trip to a particular destination and have room in their car to rent you a seat at a lower price than you would usually pay to go by train or bus.  Things to watch for here are baggage limitations if you aren't a light packer.  A quick tip is to use WhatsApp and Google Translate apps to communicate with your Spanish driver regarding your meet up and drop off points.

Happy Travels! 

Hi, I am a Bohemian Agent, a Female Traveler full of wanderlust and adventure!  My name is Jeanne Connolly, and this is the beginning of my travel story.  I hope you join me for the ride.  Bohemian Agent is a travel blog dedicated to inspired story-telling, life after 40, international living and travel experiences as a solo female explorer.  

 Sending love and adventure your way until the next post.   I post every Monday and Wednesday.  Be sure to subscribe to the blog for all our updates.  

Jeanne, The Bohemian Agent

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