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Supermoon selfies in Xeraco, Spain

Tiny adventures in Spain:  Today's tiny adventure was experiencing the magic and mystery of my first supermoon here in Spain and my first time to Xeraco, Spain!

After the fireworks and Paella in vibrant Valencia, my newest American friends and I traveled back to their beautiful beach front home in a small Mediterranean town named Xeraco in the Valencian region of Spain (about one hour by train from the city center).  I had been invited to stay for five days in this gorgeous place with the most hospitable of friends.  

My American friends are travel bloggers, marketers and a video production company all rolled up into two fabulous mobile peeps with an eye for marketing and an ear for traveling.  I fell instantly in love with their home, their lifestyle, their stories and most unforgettably their hospitality!  Amalia could plan her way around a jigsaw puzzle, and Eric could cook his way out of an Iron Chef competition.  Each of them packs a serious punch solo, but together they are a dynamic duo that cannot be stopped.  And the adventures we were about to begin together as new friends and as a newly formed American family far, far away from our original homes in the U.S.A, we going to be the best experiences yet.  

It was no surprise to me that on this particular union of our newly formed friendship, I would experience my very first supermoon in Spain with these new pals in Spain.  What the heck is a supermoon, you ask?   As astrologer Richard Nolle puts it, it's a new or full moon which occurs with the moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth.  Well, how cool is that? says "in ancient spirituality, Pagan, witchcraft, magic and earth-based religion, the connections to the moon are immeasurable.  There are an endless amount of spells to attain everything from love to prosperity.  

So what does all this mean?  It means that the supermoon is supercharged with spiritual energy and with this power comes compelling opportunities to set grand intentions (while honoring our fully rounded silver sister up in the sky)!  Well, hot damn, you can bet your ass this sister was doing just that!  Setting intentions like a boss and dreaming big dreams with my new friends would become commonplace in the friendship that followed and what a beautiful friendship is was going to be!   This seemed like the perfect moment to capture it all with a supermoon selfie and so that is just what we did!    

Hi, I am a Bohemian Agent, a Female Traveler full of wanderlust and adventure!  My name is Jeanne Connolly, and this is the beginning of my travel story.  I hope you join me for the ride.  Bohemian Agent is a travel blog dedicated to inspired story-telling, life after 40, international living and travel experiences as a solo female explorer.  
Sending love and adventure your way until the next post.   I post every Monday and Wednesday.  Be sure to subscribe to the blog for all our updates.  

Jeanne, The Bohemian Agent


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