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I love Google Maps in Spain!

Tiny Adventures in Spain:  Today Google Maps would guide wind me through the streets of my small village leading me past an unexpected Cava museum at Caves Blancher in Sant Sadurni, D'Anoia in Spanish wine country.  

It was now Sunday, my 10th day in Spain.  With tomorrow being my first day of teaching English as a foreign language (ever), I figured a good starter idea might be to learn how to get to the school from my new apartment.  It was already quite clear from the lack of info I'd received about my students that the following day would come with enough surprises.  I felt it best to remove finding the school from that (already intimidating) list immediately.  With that said, I grabbed my keys excitedly to explore my new neighborhood and let Google Maps guide the way!  A quick side note here: Google Maps is just about one of the best things you can have for getting around even the most obscure and tiniest of villages here in Spain.  I absolutely love using Google Maps in Spain!  Don't leave that off your download list if you are taking a whirl over here for an adventure yourself.  

As Google Maps led me up the hill, it would only be one block before I would start winding my way past bodega (winery) after bodega (winery).  I felt my heart flutter a bit as I grabbed my iphone camera to capture everything while I wound through the streets of Sant Sadurni D'Anoia in the Barcelona region of Spain.  I couldn't help notice one of the bodegas being open, and I slipped through the door peeking my head in with exploratory inquisition and behold!  It had its own little museum inside all about cava.  I love unexpected discoveries! I wasn't sure if I should be buying something or if my poking around was accepted here, but I proceeded along with my poking and hoped for the best.  

I wound up having an exciting visual tour in this tiny cava museum at Caves Blancher, but without a guide or the slightest clue how to read Spanish, I'm afraid I can't take you on the full detailed journey of what I'd found there that day.  It was just simply an unexpected adventure on my way to finding the school where I would be teaching English as a foreign language the following day.  I happily enjoyed the spontanetiy of it for that brief moment in time.  I then continued up the hill arriving at my destination after a quick 10 minutes walk from the new apartment.  Not too shabby, I thought!  I decided at that point; I had scored a great living location for getting to work relatively quickly (and easily thank you Universe) now allowing me plenty of time to continue my Sunday exploring.

I had no other specific destination in mind for the remainder of this day, so I shut off my Google Maps for the moment and began walking in the first direction that looked intriguing.  

It would be just a short ways further where I'd come across something interesting enough to stop me in my tracks and park myself at an outdoor table for a cava in the sun.  I had stumbled upon what felt like a private concert sung by a little wine village version of "The Gypsy Kings" made up of a few happy Spaniards enjoying cerveza (beer) and a guitar at the next table.  I soaked in the sun and the music while deciding that there wasn't much point in killing myself with worry about the lack of information I had going into my first day of teaching English the following day.

Caves Blancher is located at Plaça del Pont Romà, 15, 08770 Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, Barcelona.  Go ahead and pop in for a spontaneous tour to see the tiny Cava Museum on the weekend!  Be forewarned most smaller Bodega's in town don't speak English but why should they when you are here for the full Spanish experience.  Embrace the unknown my wanderlust sisters!  

Phone +34 938 18 32 86

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