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Fallas de Valencia

Hello friends!  It's been a while since I have told a tiny tale of my adventures here in Spain.  Did you think I had forgotten about you?  No way, Jose (and I said that in my best Spanish accent)!  I'm back to pick up exactly where I left off.  

Now, where was that?  Oh, yes!  The Fallas de Valencia!  One of Spains biggest celebrations was my next grander than tiny adventure to be had.  As a creative person, I was about to be in for a citywide treat here in the inspiring community of Valencia.

I have made a piece or two of original artwork in my day, but never did I create something with my heart and soul and then publically set it on fire.  Ha-ha!  Yes, you heard me right!  These fun-loving Spaniards are always stepping it up a notch to keep things interesting around here.  The name, Fallas, references not only the title of this crazy event but also the original monuments that are burnt down to commemorate St. Joseph.  

Each neighborhood in Valencia erects a montage of gigantic artistically made paper mache ninots (Valencian for puppets) in a competition to win the best in show.  Each of these creations that take approximately one year to create and are firecracker-lined to ensure that they will inevitably light up and burn to the ground on the final night of the celebration.

 Valencia, you so crazy!   The annual themes are pre-agreed up and usually take a satirical jab at the latest and greatest political situations along with tons of sexual references and provocative posing  

There are different stories behind the history of this unique celebration.  One of them was that artisans initially burnt broken artifacts that they saved through the winter to celebrate the Spring Equinox.  The situation has evolved itself since the middle ages and has become quite a spectacular show worth a visit by today's standards.   Over time, with the intervention of the church, this event slowly began to coincide with the celebration of St. Joseph. 

What you can expect at the Fallas de Valencia: tons of thunderous fireworks, elaborate parades performed by each of the neighborhoods to represent their spectacular Fallas and the inevitable burning of these beauties around midnight on March 19th each year.  

I can sit here and talk about this event all day long, but you just need to pack your bags and see it for yourself for the real Valencian experience of a lifetime.  

Hi, I am a Bohemian Agent, a Female Traveler full of wanderlust and adventure!  My name is Jeanne Connolly, and this is my travel story.  I hope you join me for the ride.  Bohemian Agent is a travel blog dedicated to inspired story-telling, life after 40, international living and travel experiences as a solo female explorer.  
Sending love and adventure your way until the next post.   I'll send one summary email a week on Monday.  Be sure to subscribe to the blog for all our updates.  

Jeanne, The Bohemian Agent


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